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SWSH1 Sword Shield Base Set
BW01 Base Set
BW02 Emerging Powers
BW03 Noble Victories
BW04 Next Destinies
BW05 Dark Explorers
BW06 Dragons Exhalted
BW07 Boundaries Crossed
BW08 Plasma Storm
BW09 Plasma Freeze
BW10 Plasma Blast
BW11 Legendary Treasures
Call of Legends
Detective Pikachu
Double Crisis
DP01 Diamond Pearl Base Set
DP02 Mysterious Treasures
DP03 Secret Wonders
DP04 Great Encounters
DP05 Majestic Dawn
DP06 Legends Awakened
DP07 Stormfront
Dragon Vault
EX01 Ruby and Sapphire
EX02 SandStorm
EX03 Dragon
EX04 Team Magma vs Team Aqua
EX05 Hidden Legends
EX06 FireRed LeafGreen
EX07 Team Rocket Returns
EX08 Deoxys
EX09 Emerald
EX10 Unseen Forces
HS01 HeartGold SoulSilver
HS02 HGSS Unleashed
HS03 HGSS Undaunted
HS04 HGSS Triumphant
PL1 Platinum
PL2 Rising Rivals
PL3 Supreme Victors
PL4 Platinum Arceus
Sealed Pokemon Boxes
Shining Legends
SM01 Sun Moon Base Set
SM02 Guardians Rising
SM03 Burning Shadows
SM04 Crimson Invasion
SM05 Ultra Prism
SM06 Forbidden Light
SM07 Celestial Storm
SM08 Lost Thunder
SM09 Team Up
SM10 Unbroken Bonds
SM11 Unified Minds
SM12 Cosmic Eclipse
Sun Moon Promo Cards
XY Kalos Series
XY01 Base Set
XY02 FlashFire
XY03 Furious Fist
XY04 Phantom Forces
XY05 Primal Clash
XY06 Roaring Skies
XY07 Ancient Origins
XY08 BreakThrough
XY09 BreakPoint
XY10 Fates Collide
XY11 Steam Siege
XY12 Evolutions